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The nearly final board layout has most of the components placed where they are supposed to be. Impromptu wiring, without a neat network (just to piss off the electrical engineers). The screen runs off of the motherboard main power in. There is a centrifugal fan located beneath the display. The graphics card plug from MB to D-sub video plug had to be lengthened to run right to the back of the unit to where all the plugs are. Since the case was so compact, I had to saw the motherboard power plugs down to get them to fit. Ditto the IDE plug, bottom right. Note the heavy use of nitto tape all over. Here the ISA extender is currently running to a network card underneath the motherboard, with plenty of room left for the CD-rom ontop (the original plan). Memory weighs in at 16 Mb and is the shortest (heightwise) that I could fiond. Well not really. I roasted the first 16MB with a power spike ?