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This was one of the ideas I had towards the final design. By this stage, the unit had wooden side battons, heatsinks and centrifugal fan (the type mounted in one of the slots in a pc case). Advantages for this type of fan is the low profile that can be maintained and the silent operation. The fan functions fine minimal area available on suction intake (unlike normal fans which require adequate space for suction intake). The idea was to route the cooling air via a purpose built plastic duct over the heatsink. This did'nt work. Dont bother trying. The fan develops such a low head that it cant push any air through any type of duct. The final solution was to mount the fan (using silicon sealant on any available surface) underneath the LCD display, taking the suction from the chipset (see motherboard pics for chipset). In the final design there are two normal fans on the rear of the casing pushing air in. The air circulates around the hard drive to the top of the casing, and gets sucked over the main chipset and is pushed out and over the pentium chips heatsink.