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Dispite its horrid looks stripped bare, it looks pretty decent as the final product. The chassis used was galvanised iron sheeting, modelled off a template made out of cardboard and a lot of glue (probably the best way possile to get an accurate idea of what bending radiuses to give, etc). Bending was done by hand. Cutting done by scissors to give a dead straight edge. Guillotining would have been better. Round and square holes cut by hand using a hacksaw balde and a craft knife with hardened blades (the sort that has the snap off blade). Note the comprehensive wiring job <g>

Note the red cable, leading from the network card to the rear panel. The green plug just visible on the bottom is the power supply for the board. Screwing everything together involved negative tolorences to stop things from rattling around (cover pushes against network card). Note copious use of silicon sealant everywhere... on screws, fittings, holding wires down, etc. When you pick the thing up it's like a solid lump of heavy components. Dispite its frail looks, the casing is self supporting and is remarkably rigid.