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The bright thing in the middle is a relay which controls which IRman is used. The IRman in the casing is usually operational outside of the car. When stuck in the car, the 25 pin plug going to the dashboard and other display, switches the relay to the in-dash IRman. (Since it was cheap to build a few IRmans I took this option rather than removing the IRman). Note that I could not get 2 IR recievers to work off of 1 IRman.

Note also the mounting of the Hard drive in silicone and partly sticking out of the casing. This kept a low profile casing and still lets the HD keep moderately cool directly to atmosphere. It also provides a moderate shock absorbing medium when mounted in the car. Basically I cut a square hole in the chassis, bent up the edges and stuck a cardboard ring around the periphery. Then carefully mounting the Hard drive I filled the "mold" with silicon about 10mm on all sides and waited for it to dry. A better pic of the final result is here.

When mounted in the car, the entire unit is again padded using velcro strips and a cut up camping mat for spongy support.